Resources for Cancer information

Getting information about cancer and cancer treatment options may help you to feel more in control and ready for what is happening.

Your capacity to take in information can be affected by a stressful event such as the diagnosis of cancer. With this in mind, we recommend you approach this information with an open mind. Read what is relevant to you and take your time to take in the content.

This information is not designed to replace the information given by your treating doctor or health care team. We encourage you to talk with your doctor or health team about the questions and concerns you have. For further information, please feel free to call Cancer Council 13 11 20, Monday to Friday, between 9am and 5pm (excluding public holidays). Or contact us online.

The information available on this page should not be used as a substitute for advice from a qualified medical professional who can advise you on your own individual medical needs. It is not meant to be medical advice and is provided for general information purposes only. See our Disclaimer.

What is cancer

Cancer is a disease of the cells.

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Initial diagnosis

Most people experience strong emotions after a cancer diagnosis

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Cancer tests

Your doctors will run a number of tests to get a diagnosis, see if the cancer has spread to other parts of your body and develop a treatment plan

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Types of Cancer

There are many types of cancer, each with its own treatment

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Treatment decisions

Sometimes it is difficult to decide on the type of treatment to have

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Types of treatment

Your cancer treatment will depend on the type of cancer you have

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Side Effects

Treatment side effects vary depending on the type of cancer you have, the stage of cancer and the type of treatment you are given

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Complementary Therapies

While some complementary therapies are supported by strong evidence, others are not

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Living Well after cancer

After a cancer diagnosis, people are often kept busy and preoccupied with medical appointments and the demands of treatment. Coming to the end of treatment may be a time when you notice the impact cancer had on you, your family and friends

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Carer Support

A carer provides unpaid care and support to a person who needs their assistance because of a disease such as cancer

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Advanced Cancer

Advanced cancer is a term commonly used to describe cancer that has spread from the original site or has come back

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Download Resources

We have a large number of resources that can be downloaded to give you easy to read information about cancer and our support services

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