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Annual Report 2022

Research is the gateway to Cancer Council Queensland’s vision of a cancer free future. In 2022, the Viertel Cancer Research Centre has scaled new heights to bring us another step closer to that vision.

Together, we are creating a brighter future, not only for Queenslanders with cancer, but for people impacted by cancer worldwide.

In this report, you will find updates on our progress in the fields of descriptive cancer epidemiology, cancer in children, and behavioural research. You will discover how Cancer Council Queensland has risen as a global leader in cancer research, taking part in several high-profile international collaborations in 2022.

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Contributing to the global cancer research effort

The aim of Cancer Council Queensland is to contribute to the worldwide effort to improve cancer control. Every step brings us closer to that goal.

Our publications on average are being cited over 3x more than world average.

(field weighted)

In This Report

Key Projects 2022

Cancer in Queensland facts

Improving participation in bowel cancer screening

Effect of mental health and socioeconomic disadvantage of cancer risk behaviours

Needs and experiences of regional cancer patients and families who travel for treatment

Improving rural cancer survivors’ transition home after treatment in a major city

The Australian Cancer Atlas 2.0

Impact of treatment delays on breast cancer survival

Developing new ways of communicating cancer information through data visualisation and digital storytelling

Expanding and improving the quality of national and international data on prognostic indicators for childhood cancer

Trends in childhood cancer survival

National data linkage project examining late effects of treatment among childhood cancer survivors