Cancer Support Groups

If you have been affected by cancer, Cancer Council Queensland can refer you to a range of support groups operating across Queensland. There are groups for most types of cancer, including: breast, prostate, colorectal, lung and head and neck cancers as well as non-specific cancer support groups.

A support group can occur face to face, on the phone or online and consist of two or more people who come together regularly and voluntarily to discuss shared experiences.

Support groups provide an opportunity for people to share their experiences and feelings with others who are going through similar experiences. The group leader or facilitator may lead a discussion about particular topics or experiences.

A meeting could involve laughter, tears, empathy, love, acceptance and learning something new. Groups can also help participants become more informed about cancer-related topics, such as treatments, side effects, exercise and nutrition, relationships and life after cancer. Most groups regularly invite speakers to present topics of interest at meetings. Guest speakers may include doctors, nurses, psychologists, dietitians, naturopaths and pharmacists.

To find out what support groups are available in your area, call Cancer Council on 13 11 20 or e-mail