Fact Sheets

If you have questions about cancer in Queensland, we have answers.

In 2017, nearly 30,121 Queenslanders were diagnosed with cancer and over 9442 Queenslanders died of the disease.

One in two Queensland men and one in two Queensland women will develop cancer in their lifetime (before the age of 85 years).

Summary fact sheets

These two fact sheets provide an overall summary of the latest available cancer statistics for all people in Queensland, and in Australia.

Cancer-specific fact sheets

Fact sheets are available for the following cancer types, including the most common cancers diagnosed in Queensland

Geographical differences in cancer across Queensland

Where you live can influence your risk of being diagnosed with cancer, surviving cancer, or dying from cancer. This fact sheet reports the latest available Queensland cancer data by where people live according to remoteness, area disadvantage and accessibility to radiation treatment facilities. This information covers the years 2013-2017, unless otherwise stated.

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