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Please register your event with us to request a CCQ Champion to attend or speak.

CCQ Champions are volunteers who are trained to provide comprehensive and informative presentations covering all aspects of Cancer Council Queensland’s work. This includes essential cancer statistics and facts; an understanding of the services offered by CCQ; an introduction to QUEST our free and accessible cancer risk reduction program, and connecting the audience with ways that they can contribute to the fight against cancer. They are also able to run display stalls providing information and leaflets on cancer prevention and early detection.

Unfortunately we are currently unable to support with presentations specific to school aged children. Alternatively, you can access a heap of fantastic SunSmart tools and resources here.
Through the QUEST program you can access fact sheets, posters, curriculum resources and policy templates. As a registered organisation you will receive informative updates and guidance from the public health team who will be on hand to support you with any initiatives you instigate. The QUEST resources focus on simple actions that your staff and pupils can take, resulting in long lasting structural change.

Alternatively, you can access a great host of free SunSmart resources directly from our website without registering as a QUEST organisation. These can be found here.

A minimum notice of four weeks is required when requesting a CCQ Champion. We will make every attempt to secure a speaker for your event, depending on availability and location.

Please note, presentations are delivered via PowerPoint and require USB access and a screen to display

If you would like a CCQ Champion to attend your event, workplace or community group/organisation, please fill out the following form.

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