Cancer Research


Investing in cancer research is central to our mission – to reduce the burden of cancer.

“CCQ has always recognised how important it is for our programs, services and advice to be based on the best available scientific evidence”. Professor Joanne Aitken – General Manager Research

Our research activities encompass several areas that work together in supporting our commitment to reducing the burden of cancer.

Our research is directed at understanding how to prevent cancer, how to diagnose cancer earlier, how to help patients achieve the best possible quality of life after a cancer diagnosis, and how to best support cancer patients and their families.

Viertel Cancer Research Centre – a centre of research excellence that conducts research and translates research findings into quality advocacy, education and supportive care programs that improve cancer outcomes for Queenslanders and the wider community.

Queensland cancer statistics – readily accessible cancer statistics

Research funded by Cancer Council Queensland – in addition to conducting our own research through the CRC, we also invest in external research projects

Queensland Cooperative Oncology Group – established under the auspices of Cancer Council Queensland, the Queensland Cooperative Oncology Group (QCOG) is a forum for clinical specialists to promote cooperative measures to optimise cancer treatment in Queensland.