Pro Bono Referrals

Legal, Financial and Workplace Referral Services

Cancer Councils Pro Bono Program provides people affected by cancer with access to free legal, financial, workplace and small business advice. Eligible clients are connected with a professional who volunteers their time. Professionals include lawyers, financial planners, small business accountants and human resource professionals. The service is means tested and is free for people who cannot afford the cost of advice.

Clients must be referred by a health professional, or through calling Cancer Council 13 11 20.

You can learn more about the professional services provided through this program at Legal, Financial and Workplace Referral Services.

Referral Process:
  1. Obtain consent from your client
  2. Complete the referral form
  3. Email to or fax to 1300 240 622
  4. The Pro Bono team will do their best to contact the client within 3 business days of receiving the completed referral form
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