Cancer Clinical Trials Support Scheme

The Cancer Clinical Trials Support Scheme, established by Cancer Council Queensland and jointly funded by the Queensland Government, aims to increase the opportunity for Queensland cancer patients to participate in cancer clinical trials. Through the Scheme, grants are provided to Queensland hospitals and cancer treatment facilities to appoint clinical trial data managers. These skilled personnel are essential for the conduct of cancer clinical trials, being responsible for managing the day-to-day conduct and administration of trials, patient screening, completion of case report forms and source data verification.

Cancer clinical trials are eligible for data manager funding through the Scheme if they are:

  • Phase I, II or III clinical trials;
  • Multi-centre;
  • Designed to investigate the treatment, prevention or diagnosis of cancer or cancer-related symptoms;
  • In receipt of capitation of no more than $10,000 per patient;
  • Approved by a NHMRC-registered Institutional Ethics Committee.

Cancer Clinical Trials Support Scheme grants are directly linked to demonstrated levels of clinical trial activity.

Since the Cancer Clinical Trials Support Scheme began in 2000, there has been a marked increase in the level of clinical trial activity in Queensland hospitals that have received funds. Through the Cancer Clinical Trials Support Scheme, Cancer Council Queensland actively supports cancer research, improving cancer treatments and supporting cancer patients.

The Cancer Clinical Trials Support Scheme plays an essential role in increasing the awareness, positive perception and funding of cancer clinical trials in Queensland.


For further information about the Cancer Clinical Trials Support Scheme, and how to apply, please contact Manager, Research Operations via email, or call (07) 3634 5393.

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