Health Professional Cancer Network

Health Professional Cancer Network education events and learning development tools. Register as a member at no cost.

As a health professional, you play a vital role in cancer control. The CCQ Health Professional Network is designed to strengthen your relationships with other health professionals working in cancer care and to keep you informed about resources and support services available to you and your patients. 

With one in two Queenslanders being diagnosed with cancer by the age of 85, chances are that, as a health professional, you will treat someone impacted by cancer. By joining the Health Professional Network, we can connect you with the right support at the right time for you and your patients. 

Whether you’re a specialist practitioner working in acute treatment facilities, a nursing professional with a community health provider, or you’re a general practitioner, we are here to help.  

Why join the Health Professional Network? 

Together we can reduce the incidence of cancer, find cancer early, and enhance the standard of care for people impacted by cancer. Join today to: 

  • Stay up to date on the programs and support services available for people and families experiencing cancer with our monthly newsletter.  
  • Register your interest in future events that foster education, collaboration and networking between health professionals.  
  • Collaborate with us as we identify areas of need and develop opportunities for improving cancer support across Queensland.  
  • Participate in the review of our cancer information resources.  
  • Partner with us to deliver important health messages about reducing cancer risk. early detection, diagnosis, treatment, survivorship, palliative care and end of life. 

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