Cancer Research Grants

In addition to conducting our own research through the Viertel Cancer Research Centre, we also invest in external research projects.

Funding Opportunities

Cancer Council Queensland is proud to offer research funding opportunities to cancer researchers residing in Queensland. CCQ Accelerating Collaborative Cancer Research (ACCR) Grants Cancer Council Queensland has implemented a new scheme for cancer research funding called the Accelerating Collaborative Cancer Research (ACCR) grants scheme. The ACCR grants scheme has replaced CCQ’s long-running Cancer Research Project Grants scheme.…

Information For Grant Recipients

Cancer Research Project Grants Information for current cancer research project grant recipients: Progress Report Template Final Report Template Request for Carry Forward of Unspent Project Grants Guidelines for Financial Statements Due dates for reports Financial Statement – 31 January 2021 Progress/Final Report – 30 April 2021

Research Funded by Us

“CCQ is the only reason I am able to continue my research into improving survival rates in head and neck cancer and breast cancer”. Dr. Fiona Simpson – CCQ research grant recipient. You can read about our recently awarded cancer research grants below. Accelerating Collaborative Cancer Research (ACCR) Grants 2020-2023 The following Accelerating Collaborative Cancer…