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The Cancer Risk Calculator is a free and enjoyable online tool to discover ways to reduce your cancer risk. Complete it to get an individual score for each of 6 modifiable behaviors. The higher the score, the more you’re reducing risk. Explore your results, get tips, and compare your scores over time and to the population average.

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What does the Cancer Risk Calculator do?
The Cancer Risk Calculator assesses health-related behaviours to help you identify steps to reduce your cancer risk. Get tips, recommendations, and compare your score to population averages.
What does the score indicate?
The Cancer Risk Calculator gives you a score out of 100 for each behaviour based on your answers. A higher score means more ways you’re currently reducing your modifiable cancer risk.
What is a modifiable cancer risk behaviour?
One in three cancer cases, totaling 37,500 each year, can be prevented through modifiable lifestyle behaviours. Everyone can reduce their cancer risk by addressing modifiable behaviors like Sun & UV Exposure, Smoking, Alcohol, Nutrition, Weight, Physical Activity, and Screening & Early Detection, including understanding your body.
Does this tool calculate my risk of getting cancer?
No, the Cancer Risk Calculator calculates how much you are currently reducing your cancer risk through lifestyle behaviours.
What are my recommendations based on?
The recommendations are based on leading cancer research and Australian Guidelines for people over the age of 18. These are specific to your age and gender.
Where can I get further information?
If you would like to learn more about reducing cancer risk, please visit our Understanding Risk webpage and Lifestyle 6 factsheets, phone Cancer Council Queensland on 13 11 20, or send us an email at

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