Podcasts & Audio Files

Learning to relax

These audio files are designed to help cancer patients and their families, friends and carers learn relaxation techniques that may reduce the effects of stress associated with cancer. It includes guidelines and introductory exercises together with natural sounds and peaceful music to help listeners get the most benefit from relaxation.

Listeners may also find it helpful to read A Guide to Relaxation which is designed as a guide to be used with the audio files.

Exercise for People Living with Cancer

Exercise for People Living with Cancer is a booklet which has been prepared to help you understand the importance of exercise, and to provide information about the benefits of exercise during and after cancer treatment. We have included tips on exercise preparation, plus some examples of exercise techniques that you can do at home.

Download now or order a hard copy.

Accompanying this booklet is a series of videos which have been designed to enhance the effectiveness of the booklet by providing clear demonstrations of how to perform each move and support people to undertake the exercises safely and correctly.

Watch the exercise videos here.