Our Mission Statement

Our Mission

Reducing the burden of cancer. Cancer Council Queensland (CCQ) raises funds that are dedicated to improving quality of life for people living with cancer, through research, patient care, prevention and early detection.

Our vision is for a cancer free future

Our Commitment

CCQ is dedicated to improving the quality of life of Queenslanders living with cancer.

Our Values

We support the cancer community with integrity, agility and a deep sense of belonging.

Strategic Priorities 2020-2022

To download Cancer Council Queensland’s Strategic Plan 2020-2022 click here 

1. Inform Queenslanders with trusted knowledge and advice

Position Cancer Council Queensland as the trusted ‘go-to’ source of truth

How we will do it
• Inform the community of our impact and activities
• Develop a bespoke brand integration plan
• Partner with other trusted organisations
• Develop an integrated marketing, digital and engagement strategy to target key stakeholders
• Continue to undertake and invest in research aligned with strategy
• Provide up-to-date cancer resources and information
• Develop and leverage video content
• Create emotive storytelling to engage the community to influence change

2. Support and connect Queenslanders living with cancer to the right services and people

Optimise services and support to be the premier navigator of cancer information and services

How we will do it
• Map existing services and support to identify gaps
• Increase feedback from service and program users
• Identify technologies that could enhance support and extend reach e.g. e-support groups
• Improve Helpline by making it a more comprehensive navigation aid
• Improve website information and navigation options
• Implement CRM to underpin service delivery

Develop model for living with cancer to support local community

How we will do it
• Pilot new models of community cancer care and support
• Continually review and repurpose existing facilities

Build strong service and support partnerships

How we will do it
• Develop a presence throughout the public, private and community agencies to increase referrals
• Use information from these relationships to improve evidence informed advocacy
• Identify best-practice partners

3. Grow sustainability to ensure our future

Improve systems to underpin growth and efficiency

How we will do it
• Implement an improved CRM and communications platform
• Improve website functionality and navigation
• Develop fit for purpose IT Systems including data and document management
• Investigate efficiencies with other Cancer Councils and health sector NFPs

Invest in people

How we will do it
• Attract and retain skilled volunteers with a focus on young volunteers
• Optimise volunteer management by funding and implementing a volunteer management system
• Attract and retain skilled employees
• Improve change management, implementation and communication
• Conduct an annual employee engagement and volunteer survey

Grow financial base

How we will do it
• Explore new sustainable avenues of revenue
• Attract, acquire and retain donors and supporters
• Identify considered philanthropic opportunities
• Ensure that the investment approach has the correct balance of risk and reward and is in line with mission and values
• Increase profitable revenue sources from government, corporates, mid-value and major gifts

Optimise governance

How we will do it
• Increased diversity of input into Cancer Council Queensland governance
• Measure the organisation’s governance against best practice
• Implement rolling internal audit program to minimise risk