We have updated our Whistleblowing regime to now include an independent and anonymous way for our employees and other stakeholders to report misconduct within the organisation using our BDO Secure hotline service. Misconduct Disclosures can be made externally to BDO Secure via the following means:

  • website: bdo.com.au/bdosecure
  • phone: 1300 408 955
  • email: securebdo@bdo.com.au
  • post: BDO Secure, GPO Box 457 Brisbane QLD 4001

When contacting the BDO Secure hotline, Whistleblowers will have the option to:

  • remain completely anonymous from both BDO Secure and CCQ
  • remain anonymous to CCQ only but provide their details to BDO Secure for any further correspondence relating to the Misconduct Disclosure, or
  • identify themselves to BDO Secure and CCQ.

For more information about Whistleblower disclosures (including eligible reports, eligible recipients, protections and investigations into Misconduct Disclosures) please refer to our Whistleblower Procedure and Whistleblower Guideline.