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Guide to a skin smart summer: How to select and slop sunscreen on correctly

With Queensland in the grips of sweltering conditions and high UV levels, it’s more important than ever to Slip, Slop, Slap, Seek and Slide. But despite the majority of people being aware of sunscreen’s importance, many are putting their health at risk by thoughtlessly slopping on the product – or neglecting its use altogether. Recent…

Avoid the Santa sizzle as UV levels remain high for Christmas

The only person wearing a coat of red this Christmas should be Santa. Cancer Council Queensland is warning Queenslanders to avoid the Christmas sizzle next week as UV levels and temperatures heat up. Temperatures in some parts of the state will reach the high 30’s, with UV levels hitting 11 or more. Cancer Council Queensland…

Melanoma rates stabilising in Queensland for the first time

For the first time Queensland researchers have found that incidence rates for invasive melanomas have started to stabilise or fall in those aged under 60 years, a groundbreaking new study shows. The Cancer Council Queensland study[1], published in the International Journal of Cancer, examined melanoma incidence and mortality rates from the past 20 years, with…

Melanoma on the rise as Queenslanders fail to slip, slop, slap


The number of invasive melanomas diagnosed annually is predicted to rise by more than 42 per cent by 2025, if Queenslanders fail to make sun protection a priority. New figures released by Cancer Council Queensland for National Skin Cancer Action Week (November 20-26), show an estimated 5100 Queenslanders will be diagnosed with invasive melanoma in…

Multiple melanomas linked with poorer survival

Men's cancers

New research has found that Queenslanders diagnosed with multiple invasive melanomas have significantly poorer survival than patients with a single invasive melanoma. The collaborative study* was conducted by Cancer Council Queensland, the University of Queensland and QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute. The results, published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology, analysed data from 32,238 melanoma…

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