Plan ahead to avoid long weekend burn, Cancer Council warns


As millions prepare for the long weekend, Cancer Council Queensland is reminding people to plan ahead to enjoy the time off – without the burn!

UV levels are expected to remain extreme throughout the entire weekend, even if the sun is not out – putting Queenslanders at risk of skin damage and sunburn.

Cancer Council Queensland CEO Chris McMillan urged people to take simple precautions to protect their skin.

“In the current UV conditions it can take as little as 10-15 minutes to start burning – which is why it’s important to be prepared before you head outdoors,” Ms McMillan said.

“Make sure you apply sunscreen 20 minutes before going outside, reapply every two hours, and wear covering protective clothing for your best chance of reducing sun damage.

“This should include a broadbrim hat and if you are swimming – a protective rashie.

“With UV at extreme levels, it’s important to seek shade as well – be prepared by taking an umbrella or beach tent out with you and taking cover throughout the day.

“You can also help protect your family by planning outdoor activities for the beginning and end of the day to avoid peak UV.

“Given the intensity of the UV at this time of year, unless you take adequate precautions to protect yourself, unfortunately it’s very likely you will get sunburnt.”

In Queensland around 343,000 non-melanoma skin cancers and around 3700 melanomas are removed each year – the majority caused by accumulative damage from the sun.

For more information on Cancer Council Queensland sun safety, visit or phone 13 11 20.

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