Get active, get inspired with Team CCQ

It’s almost autumn, so if your 2018 health goals have taken a backseat, you may need a catalyst.

One of the easiest ways to motivate and push yourself is to take part in an organised event, so that you have a deadline to work towards. Once you register, the countdown to get fit begins.

Getting active has both immediate and long-term health benefits! At least one-third of all cancers in Queensland are preventable through healthy lifestyle choices, including being active and maintaining a healthy weight.

To motivate Queenslanders, Cancer Council Queensland CEO Ms Chris McMillan, an active runner herself, is sharing five tips to help people get started on their fitness journey.

One, don’t go it alone. Queenslanders right across the state can join Team CCQ – an active community encouraging runners to lace up for the cause. Alternatively, enlist a friend to be your gym partner or get involved with your local Parkrun each week to meet fellow fitness enthusiasts. Make sure to involve your family too, as they are often a great support. They’ll enjoy watching you on your journey and may even be convinced to join you on it.

Two, set your timeline. Choose the fun run, marathon or triathlon you want to take part in. Make sure your goal is realistic, so if you are a beginner complete a shorter endurance event like a 5km or 10km if you only have three to six months to prepare.

Three, get the right gear. Find exercise clothes and shoes that are comfortable to move in and that you feel confident wearing. If you only have very old runners or worn socks, then invest in a new pair — the last thing you want is to start your fitness journey and slip from a lack of tread or have blisters.

Four, start small and start early. Schedule in when you will exercise each week to make sure you follow through and tailor your training program to your fitness level. While some of your workouts can be shorter, you should include at least one weekly long run to build up your endurance. As a beginner speed isn’t important, and many people find it useful to start by running for five minutes and then walking for one minute to allow for recovery and gradually build up fitness.

Five, look at the big picture to keep your body in good health and prevent injury. A balanced diet will allow you to fuel yourself for the runs, whilst making sure you have enough sleep will help with your energy levels. Make sure to stay hydrated and SunSmart for your runs and don’t forget to stretch. Plus, schedule in strength and conditioning sessions to help prevent injuries and stay on top of sore spots by rolling out or having a massage.

Team CCQ, a community fitness movement, has been founded as part of Cancer Council’s Get Moving campaign to encourage runners, gym-goers and fitness enthusiasts across Queensland to lace up their joggers and support the cause together.

There are lots of ways to get involved!

On June 30- July 1, Team CCQ members will be among the 25,000 people partaking in the 40th edition of the Gold Coast Marathon. Eight races will take place on the flat, fast and scenic course.

Team CCQ members can also participate in Bridge to Brisbane, taking in some of Brisbane’s most iconic landmarks, in a 5km or 10km run or walk.

Becoming a member of Team CCQ also gives Queenslanders access to free nutrition and exercise tips, discounted entry to select events, fundraising rewards, and access to a personal fundraising advisor.

Sign up to Team CCQ for free at

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