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News: Researchers Find New Breast Cancer Treatment Target

to more confidently predict outcomes in some breast cancer patients, and subsequently improve treatment regimes. “It also opens the way to develop a new and novel drug for the treatment of breast cancer.” Professor Muscat and his team are now…

News: Where women live influences decisions about breast cancer treatment

2008. QUT PhD researcher Jeff Ching-Fu Hsieh said the research found women living closer to a radiation treatment facility were more likely to agree to be scheduled to use adjuvant therapy to treat breast cancer. Adjuvant therapy is additional treatment

News: Hodgkin’s lymphoma breakthrough leads to better treatment

and tailored therapy for those diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and potentially other cancers. Other investigators are using the same approach to determine individualised breast and prostate cancer treatment. Cancer Council Queensland spokesperson Katie Clift said identifying appropriate treatment for patients…

Radiation Therapy

…whether the cancer has responded to treatment. You may not know the full benefit of having radiation therapy for some months. If radiation therapy is given as palliative treatment, the relief of symptoms is a good sign that the treatment


…help other treatments – Chemotherapy is sometimes given either before or after other treatments. Used before (neoadjuvant therapy) the aim is to reduce the cancer so the other treatment can be more effective. If chemotherapy is given after your main…

neo-adjuvant therapy

Giving treatment before the primary treatment to try and make the primary treatment more successful….

News: Robotic surgery giving hope to prostate cancer patients

…said. “These findings highlight the need for improved distress screening and psychological care long after treatment ends. “Issues such as sexual dysfunction, urinary and bowel changes, and even fear of recurrence can all lead to elevated psychological distress. “For optimal…

News: Cancer Council Queensland expands patient transport service in Brisbane

Cancer Council Queensland has partnered with Icon Cancer Centre to expand its home-to-treatment transport service to include the Moreton Bay region. The Transport to Treatment service, which currently operates in inner-city Brisbane, will now transport eligible cancer patients from their…

Professional Education

Health professionals are encouraged to register to become members of the Health Professional Cancer Network. The network will provide regular updates on cancer information resources and programs, research updates, and professional development opportunities. <a href=”″…

multidisciplinary (MDT) care

A system where all members of the treatment team collaborate to discuss a patient’s physical and emotional needs as well as any other factors affecting their care. The team meets to review cases and decide on different treatments and care….