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A patient who stays in hospital while having treatment.


The time between one chemotherapy treatment session and the next.


An anti-oestrogen hormone treatment….


A psychologist or psychiatrist who has special training and experience in the treatment of psychosocial aspects of cancer….


A patient who is not hospitalised overnight but who visits a hospital, clinic, or associated facility for diagnosis or treatment….


A health professional who supports and educates patients about nutrition and diet during treatment and recovery.


When a woman stops having periods (menstruating) and can’t become pregnant anymore. This can happen naturally or because of treatment….

Oncotype DX Gene Assay Test

A test that analyses the activity of a group of genes that affect how a cancer is likely to behave and respond to treatment….

Complementary therapies

Understanding Complementary Therapies booklet. Are they safe? Many complementary therapies have been evaluated and safe to use together with conventional cancer treatment and medicine. However, some complementary therapies can affect the way conventional treatment and medicine work,…

arterial embolisation

A treatment for kidney cancer in which the artery that feeds the diseased kidney is deliberately blocked. This causes the kidney and the tumour inside it to die.