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palliative care unit

A place that provides comprehensive care for people with a limited prognosis. This includes inpatient medical care, respite care and end-of-life care for people who are unable to die at home. It may also offer day care facilities…

salvage treatment

Different treatments used when prostate cancer has returned….

Transport to Treatment Guidelines

Service aim The Transport to Treatment service aims to reduce the financial and emotional burden of cancer by providing transport to clients who are facing hardship in accessing their treatment. Eligibility To be eligible for the Transport to Treatment service,…

hyperbaric treatment

Involves breathing pure oxygen in a pressurised room or tube.

Transport to Treatment FAQs

transport to attend cancer treatment; and Living in a designated service area and receiving treatment at a designated treatment facility. For more information on eligibility and designated service areas, please refer to the Transport

radioisotope treatment

The use of radioactive liquid that is taken by mouth as a capsule or given by injection….

News: Programs for your patients – Treatment decisions

Increasing numbers of your patients will be diagnosed with cancer and will survive this disease to live with the long-term consequences. The need for, and benefits of, psycho-social peer support is well described in the literature. When you…

Transport to Treatment Referral Form

of cancer by providing transport to clients who are facing hardship in accessing their treatment. The service will pick up and drop off eligible clients from their home to a treatment facility within the <a href=”/health-professionals/referrals-and-resources/transport-to-treatment-referral-form/transport-to-treatment-guidelines/” target=”_blank”…

News: Queenslanders failing to seek cancer treatment to avoid financial burden

The escalating out-of-pocket costs associated with a cancer diagnosis are deterring some people from seeking treatment, a new Cancer Council Queensland study has found. Cancer Council Queensland’s Everyday Health Survey, Health System Quality and Costs, revealed that high out-of-pocket costs…

News: Hodgkin’s lymphoma breakthrough leads to better treatment

and tailored therapy for those diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and potentially other cancers. Other investigators are using the same approach to determine individualised breast and prostate cancer treatment. Cancer Council Queensland spokesperson Katie Clift said identifying appropriate treatment for patients…