Cheers to no beers – 4 tips to continue staying dry this July

Most of us know we shouldn’t drink as much, or as often, but don’t take the steps to break the habit.

High levels of alcohol consumption can add up to some high-stake health risks, so Cancer Council Queensland is raising an alcohol-free glass to the Queenslanders who’ve spent the last few weeks reassessing their intake and raising funds for cancer as part of Dry July.

Dry July is a fundraising campaign that challenges participants to give up alcohol from July 1 to 31.

Cancer Council Queensland CEO Ms Chris McMillan cheered on Dry-July-ers for taking steps to reduce their cancer risk and make a difference in the lives of cancer patients.

“Those going dry this July and fundraising on our behalf will be helping us to continue Transport to Treatment – a volunteer-delivered service that transport cancer patients to and from treatment,” Ms McMillan said.

“By taking a break from alcohol, participants are also benefitting their health.

“Many people don’t realise, but if you drink too much and are overweight or obese your cancer risk is higher.

“As well as being classed as a type 1 carcinogen – a known substance that causes cancer – alcoholic beverages contain a lot of kilojoules and can easily contribute to weight gain.”

Cancer Council Queensland recommends people limit their consumption of alcohol to reduce their risk of cancer and follow the National Health and Medical Research Council guidelines for alcohol consumption of no more than two standard drinks a day.

To help Dry July-ers keep focused for the final stretch of the fundraising campaign, Ms McMillan shared these four tips.

One, change your after-work routine. Go for a walk when you get home rather than heading straight for the fridge and pop the kettle on for a cup of tea instead of reaching for an alcoholic beverage.

Two, make an effort to keep spending quality time with friends and family. Look for local events happening during the day, or tell your friends just to bring themselves, not a bottle of wine, when they come over. Also, see if you can get a friend, partner or family member to join you in going dry, so you can keep each other accountable.

Three, start a healthy habit or new hobby. Alcohol consumption can sometimes become an automatic response. Instead of reaching for a drink after a long week or when stressed, swap in a healthy habit, like going for a run to improve your mood, or start a creative pursuit to relieve stress.

Four, count how much money you’ve saved by not buying alcohol. Try putting aside the money you would have spent on alcohol, and at the end of the month, that money can go towards a nice treat for yourself, towards a saving goal, or increase your Dry July fundraising to support people living with cancer.

It’s not too late to sign up and start a month of sobriety.

Every drink you give up benefits your health and every dollar you raise helps ease the burden of cancer patients.

Register for Dry July today at and select Cancer Council Queensland as your charity of choice.

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Feature Image credit: Vegan Liftz