Supporting Teams

Cancer Council Queensland’s Supporting Teams play a vital role in our daily operations and dispense important advice, not only within our organisation, but in Queensland’s political arena too.

The People (Employment and Volunteering) team look after employee recruitment, wellbeing, workplace relations, learning and development and Work Health and Safety. The team also oversees the recruitment, development, and engagement of Cancer Council Queensland volunteers, as well as supporting employees to deliver best practice volunteer engagement and supervision. With a workforce of 200 employees, 1100 regular volunteers and thousands of event volunteers, the People team work hard to ensure everyone completes the relevant training to feel comfortable in, and excel at, their roles.

The Advocacy team advocates for government and parliament to improve laws and policies concerning cancer care, prevention and research. This team are often seen out in the community, engaging local politicians in Cancer Council Queensland’s message and urging them to support our initiatives such as tightening public smoking laws.

The Governance and Legal team provides advice and assistance to the whole organisation and the Board and its committees in relation to legal compliance, governance, risk management, legal disputes, contracts, intellectual property and insurance.

The invaluable advice offered by our Supporting Teams ensures that Cancer Council Queensland upholds its reputation as a trusted source of information within the Queensland cancer community.


Theresa Jennings
Legal Advisor – Brisbane
Theresa Jennings : Legal Advisor - Brisbane

Living with a disability has not been a barrier for Theresa’s legal career.

In 2014 Theresa started with Cancer Council Queensland as a volunteer. Then after completing her legal training, she was offered a fulltime position as a Corporate Services Administrative Assistant, then progressed to her current role as a Legal Advisor as part of the Legal Team.
Theresa provides advice broadly across the organisation including advice on contracts, intellectual property, insurance, deceased estates and privacy compliance.

Theresa has a moderate to severe hearing loss in both ears and wears hearing aids. Her biggest fear had been talking on the telephone as she relies heavily on lip reading. However, technology such as the live captioning function on Microsoft Teams helps her use telephones with ease.

“Cancer Council Queensland is a welcoming and friendly workplace. During my time here I have come across other colleagues with disabilities and there is a culture of acceptance. I was quite concerned my disability would impact my ability to do my job, but management have been really supportive.”

“I have had so many positive experiences, both from the perspective of someone with a disability and from the perspective of being a fresh university graduate. I have learnt so much working here, it’s really rewarding and I really enjoy the work I do.”

Theresa became a founding member of the Queensland Law Society’s Diverse Abilities Network so she could connect with other lawyers with a disability.

She has since gone on to give presentations and been a panel speaker for a number of events about diversity in law!

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