Cancer Support and Information

The Cancer Support and Information department offers a diverse range of roles right across Queensland. This team is integral to supporting all Queenslanders impacted by cancer, including cancer patients and survivors, their carers, family and friends, health professionals in the cancer community and anyone who wants to know more about cancer.

Those working in disciplines such as psychology, nurse counselling and community support, communicate directly with the public to offer emotional support and information. This is provided through both face to face and phone services such as the 13 11 20 Support and Information line, and PalAssist.

There are also a variety of roles in the practical support arena, from the employees who ensure the comfort of guests at our five accommodation lodges to those who keep our Transport to Treatment services running smoothly.

A dedicated team of professionals work hard in our offices, developing cancer prevention programs, assessing cancer risk and generating accessible cancer information resources.

Whether working on the ground or behind the scenes, our Cancer Support and Information department are a dedicated and compassionate bunch, eager to equip the Queensland cancer community with the support and information that they need.

Chris Sibthorpe
Advisor, Cancer Support – Brisbane


Alyce Morris
Manager, Cancer Support – Toowoomba
Alyce Moriss : Manger, Cancer Support - Toowoomba

Alyce began working with Cancer Council Queensland in 2016 as a Cancer Support Coordinator. She progressed to her current role early in 2020, where she manages a team who provide face-to-face support to people impacted by cancer.

Alyce has also had the opportunity to work in the 13 11 20 Information and Support Line team, enhancing her supportive care skills on the ground.

It is an absolute privilege to hear the stories of people impacted by cancer – their worries, their concerns, their grief and their success. Knowing our services are making a real difference to the community makes every day rewarding.

Learning something new each day is one of the things Alyce likes most about her job, alongside the people she gets to work with.

“It’s great to be part of a large organisation whilst being able to have a direct impact in your local community. Cancer Council Queensland is also an organisation that fosters professional development and career progression, no matter the location you are working at.”

Katie Murphy
Coordinator, Accommodation and Transport – Townsville

Katie started her journey with Cancer Council Queensland when she attended her first Relay For Life at just ten years old. In 2018, she began an internship with the Fundraising, Marketing and Communication department, where she helped with the running of major fundraising campaigns such as Daffodil Day. In 2019, Katie successfully secured a coordinator position, due to the skills and knowledge she had gained during her placement.

“FMC is a very hands on group. I loved being at the events and running around the community. It is also a very exuberant team which is so nice to be a part of.”

Katie moved into her current position in the Cancer Support and Information department in 2020 and believes working for Cancer Council Queensland in Townsville has many benefits, including the ability to grow and experience different team dynamics.

Working in a regional location, you get to work closely with different departments in the organisation. You really get to know each other and what you do within the organisation, how things work together to keep everyone supported and things ticking on.

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