Corporate Services

The Corporate Services department provides trusted support and advice to all Cancer Council Queensland employees and volunteers and contributes to the smooth running of operations within the organisation.

Financial professionals advise various committees and teams within Cancer Council Queensland on investment opportunities and how to best keep overheads low to direct more funds to our mission.

Data services, payroll and accounts teams all work together to manage cashflow within the organisation. As well as taking care of employee salaries and pay, they use their knowledge and skills to direct funds from donations and campaigns to where they will have the most impact for Queenslanders affected by cancer.

The IT team manages the organisation’s systems, integrating various software to enhance productivity and capability. Developers and analytics specialists work together to maintain our systems, troubleshoot problems, and keep everyone working to their full potential.

The Facilities team maintains Cancer Council Queensland’s premises and assists in organising renovations to our five accommodation lodges.

The Corporate Services department are the backbone of our organisation. The individuals who make up this team are friendly, efficient and demonstrate refined problem-solving skills.

Simon Deslandes
Team Leader, Data Services – Brisbane

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