SunSmart Shade Initiative 2018


Cancer Council Queensland and the Queensland Department of Health are excited to support the 2018 SunSmart Shade Creation Initiative. The Initiative provides 50 per cent matched funding up to $2000 for portable shade and up to $5000 for permanent shade for not-for-profit organisations that cater to children 0-18 years. All eligible not-for-profit organisations, for example schools, sporting clubs, childcare centres and community groups, are encouraged to apply.

Important dates

Applications for the 2018 SunSmart Shade Initiative are now closed.

Successful recipients will be notified early 2019.

Closing date: November 30, 2018 at 5pm
Successful recipients notified: Early 2019
All projects completed: July, 2019

Pre-application check list

Our experience shows that groups who plan early often submit higher quality applications, increasing their chance of being a successful recipient. Below is a summary of steps to follow once the applications open.

Is your organisation eligible?

  • Are you a Queensland organisation?
  • Are you a not-for-profit and have proof of your organisation’s not-for-profit status?
  • Does you organization cater for 0-18 year olds?
  • Your organisation did not receive funding for shade through the SunSmart Shade Creation Initiative 2017 or early 2018.

What steps does my organisation need to take?

  • Register to Cancer Council Queensland’s free QUEST program at and decide on five sun protection strategies that your organization will include if successful for funding.
  • If you are a primary school, outside hours care service or early childhood centre join the National SunSmart program.
  • Find out how many children aged 0-18 years your organisation serves.
  • Ensure your organisation has funding to cover remaining project costs.
  • Obtain proof of your organisation’s not-for-profit status (e.g. tax exemption certificate or failing that a letter confirming not-for-profit status from an authorised officer of the organisation).
  • Obtain a copy of your organisation’s registered/incorporated entity certificate or Australian Business Register Results.
  • Obtain a current copy of your organisation’s sun protection policy or develop one – this must be an original document that reflects your organisation’s specific commitment on organisational letter head.
  • Obtain a letter of support for your application from senior management (e.g. school principal, centre director, club president).

Plan your shade project

Portable shade (e.g. marquee)

50 per cent funding of project cost up to $2,000 will be granted if successful. Marquees will be sourced from a preferred supplier. Please budget for a cost of $852.5 per 3×3 marquee and $1318.9 per 6×3 marquee. Prices will vary depending on the number of orders. Final confirmation of price will be given when successful applicants are notified.

Marquees will acknowledge the support CCQ and Department of Health have provided. All marquees provided will be blue in colour.

Some points to consider:

  • How many marquees do you need?
  • What size do you need? (e.g. 3m x 3m or 3m x 6m)
  • Where and how will they be used?
  • Why do you need funding support?
  • How will you maintain and look after your shade structure?

Permanent shade (e.g. shade sail, hard roof structure)

50 per cent funding of project cost up to $5000 will be granted if successful.

Some points to consider:

  • What type of structure is it? (e.g. shade sail, hard roof structure)
  • Where will be it be built? (a diagram or photo will be required)
  • Why was this location chosen?
  • Is the material of the shade sail UPF 50+ and a dark colour? (to be shown on the quotes)
  • Does the structure have a minimum 3-year warranty? (must be shown on the quotes)
  • Have you obtained two quotes?
  • Has Council permission been investigated?
  • Can your project be completed by September 2019?
  • Why do you need funding support?
  • How will you maintain and look after your shade structure?

Judging considerations

The following considerations are made when judging your application:

  • Application has been submitted online and on time.
  • All questions and required documentation has been submitted.
  • Quality and comprehensiveness of the shade.
  • Need for funding and proposed use of shade structure.
  • Commitment towards implementing sun safety actions.
  • Priority will be given to groups located in rural or remote areas and those in disadvantaged areas, based on the SEIFA and ARIA scoring system

More information

If you have any questions about the SunSmart Shade Creation Initiative, please email or call Cancer Council on 13 11 20.