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  • Becoming a SunSmart Centre tells the community that your Centre is committed to the future health of its students.

    If you need assistance developing your SunSmart policy, download our SunSmart Protection Policy Guide.

    If you qualify as a SunSmart Centre, you will receive a 60cm x 90cm SunSmart Centre sign.

    Terms, conditions and minimum standards

    If the organisation is accepted as a SunSmart centre, it will be promoting the SunSmart and Cancer Council Queensland’s sun protection messages in daily activities, acting as a role model to other centres throughout Queensland.

    Terms and conditions

    Centres participating in the SunSmart Early Childhood Program must agree to the following terms and conditions.

    • To enforce the centre’s sun protection policy as documented.
    • To take reasonable steps to ensure that all staff, children and parents are aware of the sun protection policy and its requirements.
    • To inform Cancer Council Queensland of any changes to the centre’s policy and practices and anything else that may relate to or affect its inclusion in the SunSmart Early Childhood Program.

    Minimum standards

    The centre agrees to comply with the following minimum standards:

    • The sun protection policy is implemented all year round.
    • All children wear a broad brimmed, legionnaire or bucket hat (minimum 5 cm brim, deep crown) when outside.
    • The use of SPF 30+ or higher broad spectrum, water resistant sunscreen is encouraged.
    • Sun protective clothing is encouraged.
    • Staff are requested to act as role models by practising SunSmart behaviours
    • Play experiences about sun protection are included in the centre program.
    • The sun protection policy is reflected in the planning of all outdoor events (e.g. excursions, picnics).
    • Outdoor experiences are rescheduled, whenever possible, to minimise time outdoors between 10am and 3pm.
    • The centre has sufficient shade or is working towards increasing shade in the outdoor play space.
    • The centre reviews its sun protection policy regularly, at least once every three years. This involves staff, management and parents and includes monitoring the centre’s compliance with its policy and making suggestions for improvement.
    • SunSmart centres will be reassessed every three years to reconfirm sun protection practices.
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  • SunSmart Policies

  • 1. Hats

    • We require children to wear sun safe hats that protect the face, neck, ears when outdoors. Sun safe hats include legionnaire, broad-brimmed and bucket hats. Baseball caps and visors are not recommended and will be phased out.
    • We have a “No hat, play in the shade” rule for all children.
  • 2. Clothing

    • We require children to wear sun safe clothing that covers as much of the skin as possible, including shirts with collars or covered necklines and elbow-length sleeves and longer style dresses and shorts, and long pants. Midriff, crop or singlet tops are not sun safe clothing.
    • We actively encourage the use of rash vests for outdoor swimming.
    • Children without sun safe clothing will be provided with spare clothing or will be required to play in shaded areas.
  • 3. Shade

    • We are committed to providing a variety of shade in all areas where children congregate. This includes trees, built and portable shade in areas for lunch, outdoor teaching and play.
    • We actively encourage children to use available shade when outside.
    • We consider shade availability when planning all outdoor events and excursions.
    • We conduct regular shade assessments to determine future needs.
  • 4. Sunscreen

    • We make available sunscreen that is at least SPF30+ broad-spectrum and water-resistant, or encourage children/parents to supply their own.
    • We encourage children to apply sunscreen 20 minutes before going outdoors and to reapply every 2 hours when outdoors for extended periods of time.
    • Sunscreen is stored in a cool dry place, and the expiry date is monitored.
  • 5. Sunglasses

    • Where practical, we encourage children to wear close-fitting wrap-around sunglasses that meet the Australian Standard AS1067.
  • 6. Babies

    • A baby’s skin is sensitive and can burn easily. Babies under 12 months should not be exposed to sunlight and remain in full shade when outside.
    • Babies are required to wear sun safe hats and clothing, even when in the shade.
    • Widespread regular use of sunscreen on babies under 6 months of age is not recommended, however small amounts of SPF 30+ broad spectrum sunscreen suitable for babies may be applied to exposed skin. Always patch test sunscreen on the baby’s skin to ensure there are no reactions.
  • 7. Scheduling of outdoor activities

    • Where possible we schedule outdoor activities outside the peak UV times of 10am-3pm, in the shade or indoors.
    • We consider sun protection when planning outdoor activities, including excursions
  • 8. Role modelling of staff

  • We ask staff to role model good sun protection behaviours when outside, including:

    • Seeking shade where possible.
    • Wearing sun safe hats, clothing and sunglasses.
    • Applying SPF30+ broad-spectrum and water-resistant sunscreen 20 minutes before going outside, and reapplying every 2 hours when outdoors for extended periods of time.
  • 9. Learning opportunities

    • We include learning activities that promote sun protection for children.
    • Examples of learning activities include: displays, literacy activities, songs, SunSmart website resources.
  • 10. Informing the centre community

    • We regularly reinforce and promote SunSmart behaviour to the whole centre community (children, staff, families and visitors) via newsletters, notice boards, website/intranet, social media, parent/educator meetings and child enrolment/staff orientation.
    • We encourage families and visitors to role model sun protection behaviours when involved in centre activities.
  • 11. Policy & Review

    • Our organisation has a sun protection policy (a template/sample policy can be accessed atthe QUEST web page).
    • In order to maintain our status as a SunSmart Early Childcare Centre we will renew our membership, and submit an up to date policy, every three years.
  • A template/sample policy can be accessed at the QUEST web page.

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