SunSmart Shade Creation Initiative Terms and Conditions

Participating organisation eligibility and responsibilities:

  • Applying for the SunSmart Shade Creation Initiative (the ‘Grant’) is deemed acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. 
  • The Grant is only open to those organisations that are within the Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Services catchment. Organisations outside this catchment are not eligible to apply for the Grant funding, and applications submitted will not be considered by Cancer Council Queensland (CCQ).  
  • All parts of your organisation’s application are completed and accurate at the time of filling in the application. Your organisation accepts that any application that is late or incomplete will not be considered. 
  • The closing date for applications is 4pm Monday 20th November 2023, Successful applications will be notified by email using the contact details on the organisation’s application form by 31 January 2024. 
  • Should your organisation’s contact details change during the application period, it is your responsibility to notify CCQ. A request to access or modify any information provided in an application should be directed to 
  • CCQ accepts no responsibility for late, lost, or misdirected mail or electronic communication. 
  • CCQ reserves the right to disqualify any application at any time at its absolute discretion.  
  • CCQ’s decision is final, and it will not enter into any correspondence regarding unsuccessful applications.
  • CCQ reserves the right to invalidate any entry which it considers to be in breach of these Terms and Conditions. 
  • Should your organisation’s application be successful, your organisation agrees to participate in and co-operate as required with all reasonable CCQ and Queensland Government promotional and media requests relating to the Grant, including but not limited to, being interviewed, and photographed and/or filmed. Your organisation agrees to CCQ and Queensland Health from time to time using its name, image and/or performance in this Grant for any purpose (including publicity, merchandising, editorial, education and fundraising) in any country and by any form of media without qualification (e.g., newspapers, magazines, other print publications, radio and television broadcasts, websites, podcasts, and vodcasts) in perpetuity. 
  • If your organisation’s application is successful, you agree that you will acknowledge CCQ and Queensland Government’s support in any promotion of this Grant that you conduct and that such promotion will be in accordance with any brand guidelines and/or promotion requirements that are advised to you by CCQ.  
  • Your organisation confirms:
    – it has submitted only one application in 2023 – this includes schools or Outside School Hours Care that are located on the same premises;
    – it has submitted two quotations for permanent shade, or has advised of a valid reason for not doing so;
    – it is a not-for-profit organisation (proof will be required); and,
    – it provides services to children aged 0-18 years in Queensland. 
  • Your organisation will work towards implementing the strategies that are part of your action plan over the next 6 months (proof will be required). 
  • Your organisation has a current sun protection policy that has been written by your organisation and reflects your unique organisational actions (your organisation has uploaded this policy with the application). 
  • Your organisation has uploaded a letter of support from senior management, including endorsement of your sun protection action plan with your application. 
  • Your organisation has not received funding through the SunSmart Shade Creation Initiative in 2021 or 2022. 
  • Your organisation will participate in the post-funding survey to help CCQ measure what impact the funding has had on improving sun safety activities in your organisation. 
  • Your organisation confirms that it currently has at the date of applying for this Grant sufficient funds available to complete this project, other than the Grant funding amount.1   
  • Your project will be completed by 30 June 2024. If your organisation experiences difficulties with suppliers and/or materials your organisation must let CCQ know as soon as possible. CCQ will consider extension requests at its discretion. 
  • Your organisation is responsible for all dealings with the supplier of the shade structure, including ensuring the project will be completed on time. 
  • CCQ will provide your organisation with an acquittal template which your organisation must complete and submit by COB 12 July 2024.  Your organisation accepts that funds may be recalled at CCQ’s discretion if this is not completed.  
  • Any delays and difficulties with project completion will be communicated to as soon as they are known. This includes any changes to the shade project. 
  • Your organisation certifies that the project is appropriate to the general facilities available to the organisation. Your organisation is prepared to have the project carried out and will supervise the expenditure of funds. 
  • To the fullest extent permitted by law, your organisation releases and indemnifies CCQ, its directors, employees and agents from and against any and all claims arising in relation to any injury (including death), property damage, consequential loss and any other loss, that is suffered by them or any person claiming through them as a direct or indirect result of their participation in the Grant, regardless of whether such loss arises under statute or in tort including the negligence of CCQ or otherwise. 

Funding considerations for the participating organisation

Your organisation understands and accepts: 

  • Your organisation is within the Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Services catchment.  Applications will not be considered for organisations outside this catchment.  
  • Applications will not be accepted for items already purchased, retrospective funding or purchase of an item undertaken before notification of application outcome. 
  • Your organisation can apply for funding to assist with one new permanent (hard roof) fixed roof shade structure. 
  • The amount of the Grant will be 100 per cent of the total cost of the project, up to a maximum of $25,000 excluding GST. If the total cost of project exceeds $25,000, your organisation will be required to provide proof that awarded funds were directly used to erect the permanent structure. Your organisation is required to cover any cost beyond the funds awarded by the Grant to complete the project. 
  • All Grant amounts are GST exclusive. Your organisation understands that CCQ will not pay any GST amount. Any GST implications become the responsibility of your organisation. Invoices must list GST separately. 
  • The Grant funds labour costs that relate directly to construction, i.e., that of construction team only, freight, council approval fees and structure.  
  • The Grant will not fund structural preferences or ground coverings e.g., concrete slabs. Quotes and invoices must list these as separate items. 
  • All items purchased with funding become the property of your organisation and the ongoing maintenance becomes your responsibility. 
  • Compliance with any council requirements is the responsibility of your organisation. 

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