Meet Wendy Head, Cancer Connect volunteer

Sometimes it helps to talk to someone who has been there and knows what you are going through.

Cancer Connect aims to connect you, your carer or your loved ones over the phone with a trained volunteer who has had a similar experience. Where a match is not available, this service will direct you to other support services.

Our support volunteers are trained and can help with:

  • Support before, during, or after treatment and during recovery.
  • Practical information gained through personal experience.
  • Hope and encouragement, and a positive role model for recovery.
  • Ideas about where to find more information.

We sat down with Wendy Head, Cancer Connect volunteer, to find out more about her role.


Tell us a bit about yourself?

I am a breast cancer survivor of nearly 16 years and have been volunteering with CCQ for 14 years across many roles.

Why did you decide to get involved with Cancer Connect? What was your motivation for volunteering?
I decided to volunteer with CCQ because of an amazing volunteer that provided support when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I love this role as women can ask questions which may seem insignificant to them but are very important.

What do you love most about your Cancer Connect volunteer role?
When I have a final contact with a client, they are so appreciative of the information and reassurance they have received from my support.

What has surprised you in your Cancer Connect role?
The self-confidence and self-esteem I have gained over time speaking to clients on the phone. When you can’t see their facial expressions but can only hear their tones and verbal expressions, it’s an ongoing enlightening experience.

What has been the most inspiring or memorable moment you’ve had since starting with CCQ?  
Being asked to speak at a CCQ morning tea for volunteers and fundraisers and sharing my story about what inspired me to become a volunteer with CCQ.

What is your hope for the future? What do you hope your volunteering will achieve for cancer and CCQ? 
I hope for a cancer free future. I hope my volunteer role leads to more people being aware of the invaluable services, support and information CCQ provides.

What would you say to someone who was thinking about volunteering with CCQ?
I would encourage anyone to become a volunteer in this enormously rewarding role. I will undoubtedly continue this satisfying chapter of my life through the gift of other’s appreciation.


To find out more about volunteering with us visit our opportunities page.