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Pink Ribbon Fundraiser

…affected by all breast and gynaecological cancers. How To Be Involved Fundraise your way in pink to raise funds for all those affected by breast and gynaecological cancers. How you choose to fundraise is entirely up to you but you…


Surgically removing the whole breast….


An x-ray of the breast….


The milk-producing glands in the breast.

Share your cancer story

Have you or someone you love been touched by cancer? Help us give hope to Queenslanders affected by cancer by sharing your story. Stories like yours provide comfort and support to others whose lives have been touched by cancer. We…

invasive lobular carcinoma

A cancer that started in the milk lobules but has spread into the normal breast tissue around it.


The canals within the breast that pass milk from the lobules to the nipple.

BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene

A gene change that increases the risk of getting breast, ovarian or prostate cancer.

axillary tail

Breast tissue that extends into the armpit.

atypical ductal hyperplasia

A non-cancerous condition of the cells in the lining of the milk ducts in the breast.