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breast reconstruction

The surgical rebuilding of a breast after a mastectomy.

axillary surgery

The removal of some lymph nodes in the armpit, to check whether cancer has spread.

laser surgery

The use of an intense light beam (a laser) that works like a knife to cut or remove tissue.

Mohs’ surgery

A specialised surgical procedure for removing skin cancers little by little until only healthy cells remain. Also called microscopically controlled excision….

News: World first prostate cancer surgery trial

In a world first trial Australian researchers have found robotic surgery for prostate cancer is no more effective than open prostatectomy at 12 weeks after surgery, contrary to widespread clinical advice. Robot-assisted surgery for prostate cancer has been rapidly adopted…

Research snapshot – Outcomes following gastric surgery by hospital characteristics Tian 2021

…quality of surgery for partial gastrectomy. Contact: Peter Baade Reference: Tian K, Baade P, Aitken J, Narendra A, Smithers M. Procedure-specific outcomes following gastrectomy for cancer compared by hospital-volume and service-capability. ANZ Journal of Surgery. 2021. doi: 10.1111/ans.17132. Read more

News: Cancer Council backs pre-booked breast screens

…familiarise themselves with the normal look and feel of their breasts,” Ms Clift said. “All women should also see a doctor immediately if they notice any unusual breast changes.” Breast cancer is the most common cancer diagnosed in Queensland women…

News: Prioritise breast and cervical cancer screening this International Women’s Day

…year and according to Australian Institute of Health and Welfare data only 56 per cent of all eligible Queensland women participate in recommended breast screening through BreastScreen Queensland, while less than 54 per cent of Queensland women participate in the…

News: I Touch Myself transformed into breast awareness anthem

…to get to know their breasts better – all women need to be breast aware and check their breasts regularly. “It’s critically important that women who notice changes in their breasts see their doctor immediately. “All women should discuss their…

News: Researchers take a new approach to beating breast cancer

…“Queensland women should be breast aware by getting to know the normal look and feel of their breasts,” Ms Clift said. “Women who notice any changes should see a doctor immediately.” More information about Cancer Council Queensland is available via…