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News: Face of Walk For Women’s Cancers is living her best life after breast cancer

Janet Kake has been diagnosed with breast cancer not once, but three times. The Eumundi local, 53, was first diagnosed with cancer at only 33-years-old, with her most recent reoccurrence just three years ago. “The first time I was diagnosed,…

News: Regional women bridge the breast reconstruction divide

…seeking reconstructive surgery after a mastectomy. The joint Cancer Council and Mater Medical Centre study, published in the ANZ Journal of Surgery, is the first to report a significant reduction in geographic distance as a barrier to breast reconstructions. While…

News: Rates of breast cancer soar in Southern Asia

New Cancer Council research shows rates of female breast cancer are rapidly increasing in countries that traditionally recorded low rates of the disease, including China, Singapore, Thailand and Japan. The Cancer Council Queensland and University of Malaya study* found breast

News: Free wigs give Queensland cancer patients their confidence back

…a time when she needed it most. Days after getting engaged she was diagnosed with breast cancer at just 28 years of age, and lost her hair just weeks before she was set to tie the knot. “When I lost…

ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS)

Abnormal cells in the breast ducts that may increase the risk of developing invasive breast cancer.

oestrogen receptor positive (ER+)

Breast cancer cells that have a receptor protein to which oestrogen will attach. Breast cancer cells that are ER+ depend on the hormone oestrogen to grow….

progesterone receptor positive (PR+)

Breast cancer cells that have a receptor protein to which progesterone will attach. Breast cancer cells that are PR+ depend on the hormone progesterone to grow….

wedge resection

Surgery to remove a wedge or part of a lung, but not a complete lobe….


A type of surgery. The surgeon opens the chest cavity through a cut on the back to examine, biopsy and/or remove the tumour….

neck dissection

Surgery to remove lymph nodes and some surrounding structures in the neck, such as muscle, fat or nerves….