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radiofrequency ablation

A treatment that uses radio waves to heat and destroy cancer cells….

osteoradionecrosis (ORN)

A breakdown of bone tissue due to radiation therapy treatment.

high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU)

A treatment using soundwaves (ultrasound) to heat and destroy cancerous tissue.

photodynamic therapy

A type of treatment using a cream that is activated by a light….


Persistent swelling in tissues as a result of obstruction or damage of lymphatic vessels or lymph nodes from infection, cancer or cancer treatment….

Health Professional Cancer Network

Health professionals play a key role in cancer control through cancer prevention, early detection, cancer diagnosis and treatment, survivorship and palliative care. Cancer Council Queensland aims to reduce the incidence of cancer, to diagnose cancer early, and enhance the standard of care for people impacted by cancer by engaging with health professionals and providing access to information and educational opportunities.

…Network, we can connect you with the right support at the right time for you and your patients. Whether you’re a specialist practitioner working in acute treatment facilities, a nursing professional with a community health provider, or you’re a general…


A treatment technique that uses electric current to stop bleeding.

Optimal Cancer Care Pathways

The Optimal Cancer Care Pathways outline the best cancer care for specific tumour types. The pathways are designed to promote a full understanding of the patient journey in order to foster quality cancer care from the point of diagnosis. Each…

Types of cancer

This information is aimed to support you to understand how specific cancers are diagnosed and treated, and how to find additional support. This is important as no two cancers are the same. Testing, treatment and side effects can be different…

Oncotype DX Gene Assay Test

A test that analyses the activity of a group of genes that affect how a cancer is likely to behave and respond to treatment….