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side effect

The unintended effects of a drug or treatment….

stereotactic radiosurgery

Highly focused, precisely targeted radiation therapy done as a single day treatment.

Legal, Financial and Workplace Referral Services

…assets Estate planning Transition-to-retirement strategies. Workplace advisory This service may help you to: Manage workplace issues before, during and after treatment, including disclosing a diagnosis, managing expectations, coping with side effects at work, taking leave and managing discrimination, bullying and…

Information Sessions

…health professionals cover general information on cancer, treatment options available, survivorship, healthy living, coping tools and support services available. Register for events, access recordings from previous information sessions, view our podcasts or listen to our audio files Information Sessions


A type of radiation therapy treatment that implants radioactive material sealed in needles or seeds into or near cancerous cells. Also called internal radiation therapy.

cancer survivor

A person who has finished their active cancer treatment and is free from any signs of cancer.


A health professional who supports and educates patients about nutrition and diet during treatment and recovery.

Research snapshot – Regional and remote patient experiences Dunn 2021

…their condition and treatment and measuring the degree to which they are involved with making decisions about their care. People with a cancer diagnosis living in regional and remote Australia often have poorer access to quality health care. Therefore, it…

recurrent cancer

Cancer that has returned after treatment of the primary cancer. A recurrence may be local (in the same place as the primary) or distant (in another part of the body)….