Volunteers helping Queenslanders access important resources

Community support and information

One in two Queenslanders will develop cancer before the age of 85. Receiving a cancer diagnosis, or learning a friend or family member has been diagnosed, can be a difficult and confronting experience.

For many people, seeking information about cancer and treatment options can help them feel more in control and prepared for what is happening. One of the ways Cancer Council Queensland helps people access this information is through the distribution of educational resources.

This important service is made possible through the support of volunteers who come to the Brisbane office on a weekly basis. These volunteers dedicate their time to ensuring resources are provided when requested, and that Queenslanders can receive the information and support they need at no cost.

So far this year volunteers have helped distribute a staggering 66,719 orders throughout Queensland. This is an average of approximately 9500 resources per month!

This comprises the wide range of resources available online, including the popular Understanding Cancer Series booklets, plus a range of additional resource materials including brochures, posters and stickers. A number of resources are also offered in languages other than English to ensure this information is accessible to as many people as possible.

Intended to complement information from health-care professionals, these resources are regularly reviewed by cancer experts so that those receiving them can be confident they are being given the most up to date information.

Through the support of these dedicated volunteers, Cancer Council Queensland can continue providing this service to Queenslanders. Volunteers are integral to the packing and distributing of resources and their continued contribution is deeply appreciated.

If you’d like any information about how you can order or share Cancer Council Queensland resources, please visit cancerqld.org.au or email resources@cancerqld.org.au.

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