Challenge yourself to get fit for Walk for Women’s Cancers: Here are 5 tips to get started

Walk for Women’s Cancers is an opportunity to step out and enjoy a scenic beachside walk while giving hope to all Queensland women affected by cancer.

Held during September in Cairns, Yeppoon, Bargara, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast, in support of Cancer Council Queensland, the fundraising walk also provides an opportunity for families to get active.

Research shows physical inactivity is a significant risk factor for some cancers, including bowel and post-menopausal breast, so Cancer Council Queensland CEO Ms Chris McMillan is urging Queenslanders to use Walk for Women’s Cancers as an opportunity to increase their activity levels.

Here are five tips to get you to started.

One, register. The simple step of registering via will motivate you to lace up your shoes and start moving more.

Two, think of all the benefits. Regular physical activity can have immediate and long-term benefits – it helps maintain a healthy weight, improve cardiovascular fitness, reduce stress, and even decrease your risk of cancer and other chronic diseases. Walk for 30 minutes or more each day and you will feel the difference!

Three, monitor your progress. There’s nothing better to keep you motivated than seeing how much you have achieved, so start a training log ahead of the event, or use an app to count your steps each day.

Four, break down the monotony. Fitness walking can be practiced anywhere, so use the opportunity to check out new places or go along scenic routes. Finding a walking partner is another great way to avoid getting bored. By going for walks together, you can share some healthy and fun times. Plus, you can take part in Walk for Women’s Cancers as a team and bond over some fundraising too.

Five, choose the right equipment. Don’t wait for the weather to warm up to start your fitness journey. Rug up and go during the warmer parts of the day, such as on your lunch break. Make sure to protect yourself from the sun too, as even in winter the UV can be above 3 3 or above. Slop some sunscreen on before you head out and grab a hat and pair of sunnies.

Healthy living is about taking it one step at a time so in the weeks before Walk for Women’s Cancers challenge yourself to start improving your activity levels and aim for at least 60 minutes of moderate intensity activity every day.

Adult registration is $25 for the 3km or $30 for the 6km events, while children aged under 18 years can take part in Walk for Women’s Cancers for free.

Sign up for the event at or visit to find out more information about Cancer Council Queensland.

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