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Stop sweating the small stuff

Seize The Day Study Awards provide financial grants to young Queenslanders affected by cancer for education purposes.

We all have that one friend – someone who glides through life effortlessly, easily managing the stress and strain of everyday life. We explain why it’s important to learn how to handle stress in healthy ways.

New menu labelling laws a win for public health

Healthy eating and drinking

You may have seen the news earlier last week that Queensland Parliament passed new laws making it mandatory for food retailers to display the kilojoule contents of food and drinks on store menus. The approval of this new legislation was backed by CCQ in a submission to Parliament late last year. Without a doubt, the introduction…

Latest update from Jeff

We’re excited to share the latest staff and volunteer update with you. Jeff Dunn, our CEO chats about last week’s Relay For Life Summit, improved cancer survival rates and the latest news from our Cancer Research Centre.

CCQ achieves government action on smoke-free spaces

Members of the Queensland Parliament have unanimously voted for comprehensive new laws to help eliminate smoking in public places, positioning Queensland as the world’s most progressive jurisdiction on tobacco control. From September 1, the Bill will see new bans on smoking at public transport waiting points, pedestrian malls, aged care facilities, specified national parks and…

3D models mimic cells to fight aggressive ovarian cancer

Queensland researchers are using 3D models to mimic cancer cells in women with aggressive ovarian tumours, in a bid to improve treatment for those diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Cancer Council Queensland has awarded $200,000 of funding over two years to a team of researchers at QUT to target enzymes that cause cancer cells to resist…

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