Christine Blunt – Global Hero of Hope Award Recipient

Living in the small town of Bowen, in North Queensland, Christine Blunt has managed to make a big impact on her close community through her dedication and passion for supporting Cancer Council Queensland.

Christine started her volunteering journey 9 years ago, when her brother- in-law died of bowel cancer. She thought that the money she could raise could still save someone, if it didn’t save him.

hero of hopeShe first started raising money through the CancerFREE Challenge, although her favourite moment was her first Relay for Life, where sheer determination brought her results above and beyond her expectations.

“I raised $70,000 in Bowen. As a small town of 10,000 people, it’s a big surprise for a quiet town like Bowen. People still find time to support cancer. So many people have been touched by it.”

Volunteering isn’t work for Christine, it’s more of just a ‘thing’ she does. Dedication and love for the cause are the two main elements that drive her work for the Cancer Council.

“What I find most rewarding is that I love the people I meet. It’s a variety and a lot of people with cancer tell you their stories and it is very interesting.”

Currently Chairperson of the Bowen/Collinsville Relay for Life, Christine has been working tirelessly for it for over 6 years now. Her efforts were rewarded late last year, when she was named Global Hero of Hope. This was a surprising shock for Christine, and remains the most inspiring moment of her volunteering journey to date.

As a Hero of Hope, Christine will advocate for local, national and global public policy change as she represents Cancer Council Queensland’s Relay for Life. She will share how cancer has touched her life and demonstrate the countless ways people can fight back against the disease.

When asked where she will go from here, Christine will continue into her 7th year of being Chairperson for Relay for Life, however a recent diagnosis of Ovarian Cancer has altered her hopes ever so slightly.

“My main hope is for recognition of ovarian cancer. I’m hoping to raise money for more research in hopes to find a cure for this disease.”

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