Cancer nurse counsellors on call to help

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CCQ has launched Queensland’s first telephone-based Nurse Counsellor Service, offering specialised support for Queenslanders affected by cancer-related distress.

This new service means that patients and their loved ones can connect with a specialist nurse counsellor simply by picking up the phone.

For many people, just one session with a nurse counsellor can help a person to cope better with the psychological and emotional challenges that often come with a cancer diagnosis.

The service offers specialised support, empowering callers with self-help strategies to adjust to life during and after cancer.

Callers can also be referred to see a psychologist face-to-face if they need additional support.

Calls to the service since its launch in 2015 have been strong.

Nearly four out of five Queenslanders affected by cancer don’t seek out the care and support they need after treatment.

Almost all survivors experience one or more emotional concerns after treatment, and most do not access help with coping.

Depression, grief and identity, and a fear of cancer recurring are among the most prevalent emotional issues that Queensland cancer survivors face.

The initiative responds to evidence that a single phone counselling session with a nurse can confer significant benefits for patients and carers.

The service is available during weekday business hours by calling 13 11 20.

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