CCQ Volunteer wins Australia Day Award

Congratulations to Millie Hauff, one of our amazing volunteers, for winning the Southern Downs Regional Council Junior Citizen of the Year Award.

Millie was nominated on the basis of her dedicated work as a volunteer with Relay For Life and the significant contribution she has made over the last three years providing support as a committee member. Last year Millie took on the role of Ceremonies Coordinator at Warwick Relay For Life helping to raise over $37,000. We know how much energy, passion and time goes into this role and are so proud of Millie and her contribution to CCQ.

“The most moving moment I’ve had since being in this role is standing up at the candlelight ceremony reading out something I had put so much thought into and hear people say how touched they were,” Millie said.

For as long as Millie can remember she has been participating in Jimboomba Relay as part of a family team. She was inspired to become a CCQ volunteer after her own family was impacted by cancer. Millie’s mum, Julie, and her auntie, Margaret are both breast cancer survivors. Millie also lost her grandad and poppy to the disease.

“I love so many things about volunteering for CCQ but my favourite would have to be meeting new people that I wouldn’t otherwise meet,” Millie said.

When Millie isn’t volunteering she is a busy school student and over the last couple of years has also been involved in other volunteer projects with St Vincent de Paul, riding for the Disabled Association, and is also joint captain of the Warwick Swimming Club along with her friend Kelsey. This all demonstrates just how well deserved her award is!

The efforts of volunteers like Millie are tremendously important, enabling us to continue world-leading cancer research and services and providing hope for those in the local community who have been impacted by cancer.

A ceremony was held on Australia Day to recognise Millie and other award winners for their extraordinary contribution.

Well done Millie, we’re proud to have you on our team!

Australia Day Award

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