Cancer Council turning the Sunshine State into a SunSmart State

Skin cancer prevention

Dear Editor,

In an effort to help primary schools and early childhood centres improve sun safe policies and protect the next generation, we’re encouraging schools to join Cancer Council Queensland’s SunSmart Program.

Joining this free program is the first of many simple steps your school or early childhood centre can take to protect staff and students from harmful sun exposure, and in turn help reduce skin cancer rates.

Through the program we provide guidance and support to schools and centres to ensure they have a suitable sun safe policy, which includes recommendations on SunSmart hats and uniforms, sunscreen use, shade and sunglasses, when to schedule outdoor activities, and how to educate students on sun safety.

More than 265,000 students in primary schools and early childhood centres are currently protected by the program – 34 per cent of schools and centres statewide.

By the end of 2018 we’d like to see more than 50 per cent of eligible organisations be involved with the program and help lead change among young people.

Teaching sun safety practices to children throughout their learning years helps to shape healthy long term habits.

Research shows high sun exposure in the first 10 years of life more than doubles an individual’s risk of melanoma later in life, so it’s important this is avoided where possible.

Sun protection is required when the UV level is three or above which is all year around in Queensland.

The best defence against UV is to use multiple methods of sun protection, including wearing a SunSmart hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, protective clothing, and finding shade.

Schools and early childhood services can apply online at

Establishments that register or renew their free membership before June 30 will go in the drawer to win one of three free portable shade structures.

Let’s turn the Sunshine State into a SunSmart State!

Laura McKoy,
Media Manager,
Cancer Council Queensland
Phone: (07) 3634 5345
Mobile: 0409 001 171