Walking so Queensland women know they are not alone

Maleny local and retired GP Jill Phillips was leading an active and healthy lifestyle with her husband and family when she received news that changed her life.

Jill was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in November 2018.

“I am a retired GP, so I understood my diagnosis well, but it was still a dreadful shock” she said.

Jill finished her last round of chemotherapy in June and will be undergoing additional treatments for the next two years.

Determined to not let her diagnosis stop her from living an active lifestyle, Jill began training for Cancer Council Queensland’s Sunshine Coast Walk for Women’s Cancers event.

“I have always been a very active person so now that my adjuvant chemo has finished, I have been walking 6 kms regularly to train for the event,” she said.

“Post operatively I could hardly walk.

“It’s been a great motivator to get out there and I want to encourage all women with cancer to exercise where possible and be amongst energetic and positive people as it is such a boost to morale.”

She read about the upcoming Sunshine Coast Walk for Women’s Cancers event in a local magazine and was determined to get involved.

“I myself am very lucky as I have an amazing support network and it is hard to see people going through their cancer journeys alone,” she said.

I am doing the walk to show Queensland women they are not alone through their cancer journeys.

Jill has urged others in the Sunshine Coast community to get involved with the event.

“There is still a lot more research to be done,” she said.

“I will be walking for my granddaughter’s future and for the future of all Queensland women.”

Walking with Jill on team From Ground Zero Up will be five of her local friends, her son and his fiancé.

Click here to join Jill and walk for the future of Queensland women at one of the Walk for Women’s Cancers events happening in Queensland this month!

About Walk for Women’s Cancers:

Walk for Women’s Cancers was founded on the Sunshine Coast in 2004 by Cassandra Munson. The idea was to give hope to Queensland women affected by cancer. Together, we walk towards a cure for women’s cancers.

The event has seen incredible growth from one event in 2004 to an incredible six Walk for Women’s Cancers events across Queensland in 2019, accommodating both 3km and 6km.

Participation in these events helps fund research for life-saving treatments and support programs to ensure nobody goes on a cancer journey alone. Designed to unite, celebrate and remember those affected by women’s cancers, the event has a strong community connection, attracting families and individuals to come together to walk and fundraise for the future of the women we love.