Your ultimate guide to hosting a Girls’ Night In

Ultimate guide to Girls' Night In

You’ve decided to host a Girls’ Night In – now what? 

Hosting an event can be stressful, but when you’ve got the ultimate guide to hosting your Girls’ Night In up your sleeve, there’s nothing to fret about.  

With our step by step guide, you’ll be able to catch up with your girlfriends and raise funds to help the one in six Queensland women who will be diagnosed with a breast and gynaecological cancer in their lifetime.  

Here’s your ultimate guide to hosting your Girls’ Night In 

1.Choose your Girls’ Night In event idea.  

From a themed movie night with a few girlfriends to a cocktail dress-code dinner party, you can make your Girls’ Night In event as simple or fancy as you wish.  

Be sure to lock in your venue (if not your house), plan for food and beverages, and how you want to set up your event.  

You can find more ideas on how to tailor your Girls’ Night In event to you and your girlfriends, here and here 

2. Choose your fundraising goal.

By setting a goal of how much you want to raise, you can plan to ensure you reach that goal.  

Your fundraising goal can be as big or small as you like but be sure to match it with what type of event you’re holding and how many guests you’re hosting.  

Girls' Night In

3. Choose a date to get your girls together and send out your invites. 

It’s straight to the group chat to find a date all the girls can make your Girls’ Night In. Once you’ve locked in your date and event type, you can officially invite your girlfriends over to help raise funds and awareness for women’s cancers.  

Set up a Facebook event, invite your girlfriends in person, or send out formal invitations using our downloadable resources.   

4. Register your Girls’ Night In event.  

Visit the Girls’ Night In website and register your event to set up your personal fundraising page, where you can invite others to donate and keep track of your fundraising efforts.  

When you register to host a Girls’ Night In, you’ll also be sent your free host kit, which includes decorations, posters, pamphlets, checklists, trivia cards, and a donation box to set up at your event.  

5. Organise and set up your event.  

It’s time to put your planning into action and start setting up your event! If you’ve set a theme, be sure to dress up your venue or outfit to match (you’ll find some theme ideas on our Pinterest Page).  

Depending on the type of event you’re hosting, the planning and execution can be as simple or as complex as you wish. For example, if you’ve chosen to host a dinner party, you’ll need to plan the menu, get the ingredients, organise your table set up, and get cooking on the day.  

Psst, jump over here for tips on how to create the perfect platter.  

Girls' Night In

6. Host your event. 

It’s time to host your Girls’ Night In! You’ve done all the leg work in advance, so kick back and enjoy the company of your girlfriends.  

Be sure to start a conversation about getting to know your body and how important it is to see your doctor if you notice any changes, and being educated and aware about the signs and symptoms of breast and gynaecological cancers. Not only is it important to raise funds to support those impacted by women’s cancers, it’s crucial you and your girlfriends look out for each other to ensure you’re giving yourselves the best chance of cancer being detected early 

Share your Girls’ Night In with your wider social network and hashtag #ourgirlsnightin and tag @ourgirlsnightin on Instagram. On Facebook, become a member of the Cancer Council Queensland Girls’ Night In Group and share your event, help others with tips, and join the community of Queensland women who have supported cause. 

7. Bank your funds. 

Once your event is over, it’s time to bank your funds on your Girls’ Night In fundraising page.  

Wherever you are across Queensland, when you register and bank your fundraising by October 31, you go in the draw to win a two-night stay at Sofitel Brisbane Central for you and three friends! 

8. Let your girlfriends know how much you all raised.  

Share the warm fuzzy feeling of how much you raised in support of women impacted by breast and gynaecological cancers by letting your girlfriends know how much the group banked.  

For more information visit or join Cancer Council Queensland’s Girls’ Night In Facebook group