Queensland couple says lodge “saved them”

Robyn and Rod Mackenzie’s lives changed forever when Rod Mackenzie was diagnosed with melanoma and prostate cancer in late 2017.

The Stanthorpe couple began traveling back and forth to Brisbane for treatment from January 2018 following Rod’s diagnosis.

“He (Rod) had four procedures in Brisbane for his cancers so we were staying in Brisbane for a lengthy period,” Robyn said.

“Rod’s cancer became inoperable and he now has monthly treatments at the PA hospital.”

Robyn came across Cancer Council Queensland’s accommodation lodge facilities after doing some research online.

“We weren’t informed about the lodge, but I thought there must be something out there to help us,” she said.

“I did some research and found the lodge online.

“The lodge has done so much to help us, and I have made sure people in Stanthorpe know about Cancer Council Queensland’s lodges.

“I didn’t know much about Cancer Council Queensland until our family were affected by cancer.”

The couple stayed at the charity’s Ellis Lodge in South Brisbane on and off during Rod’s cancer treatments.

“I can’t speak more highly of the people who work at the lodge and everyone you encounter at the Cancer Council are the right people for those jobs,” she said.

“The bus is marvelous and the facilities at the lodge make it feel like a home away from home.

“Cancer Council Queensland saved us financially and emotionally, plus we got to meet other people at the lodge going through similar things.”

The couple have recently began renting their own apartment that is close to Ellis lodge and still pay a visit every week for morning tea.

“The lodge saved us, and we still have morning tea there every Tuesday,” she said.

“I am now contributing to the morning tea as my way of giving back and supporting the lodge.

“The help and assistance you receive at the lodge is just wonderful.”

About Cancer Council Queensland’s accommodation lodges:

Cancer Council Queensland’s accommodation lodges support people who need to travel to access treatment.

There are currently six Cancer Council Queensland accommodation support lodges in Queensland. Cancer Council Queensland have lodges in Brisbane, Townsville, Cairns, Toowoomba (closed for renovations until January 2020) and Rockhampton.

The lodges offer comfortable self-contained units and studio-style apartments close to major hospitals and treatment facilities.

To find out more about Cancer Council Queensland’s lodge facilities click here.