Spotlight on research: UNIQUE study

The cancer journey is long, exhaustive, and often characterised by lack of connection between available services and the needs of people impacted by cancer. Many patients experience poor quality of life, psychological distress, and physical symptoms throughout their treatment and for many years afterwards. 

Over the next five years, researchers at the Viertel Cancer Research Centre are undertaking the Understanding the Experiences and Identifying the Needs of Queenslanders Affected by Cancer study. This study aims to understand the lived experiences of people who receive a cancer diagnosis in order to more closely align Cancer Council Queensland’s support services with their needs. 


Working in collaboration with our Client Operations team, and building on our extensive experience in conducting large research studies, we will: 

  • Undertake population-based research to identify the experiences of and support needed by cancer patients and their families including those disadvantaged by distance or circumstances. 
  • Identify gaps in service provision, and
  • Co-design and test evidence-based services for cancer patients and their families.


This new research can change how patients and their families are supported from diagnosis through to survivorship, which will contribute to improved health and well-being for the growing population of cancer survivors and their caregivers.

“We initiated this research project to give people affected by cancer across Queensland a real voice, the opportunity to tell us what support services they need.” 
Belinda Goodwin, Senior Manager Health Systems & Behavioural Research.