Celebrating 20 years of the National SunSmart Program

Cancer Council Queensland are celebrating 20 years of the National SunSmart Program!

Kids love to have fun in the sun, but childhood sun exposure is a dangerous contributor to skin cancers in later life.

Teaching sun safe practices to children throughout their learning years will help shape healthy long-term habits.

When Queensland primary schools, Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) and Early Childhood Centres (ECC) join the National SunSmart program, they are taking the first of many simple steps to help reduce skin cancer rates in Queensland.

Why is sun safety so important?

Queensland has the highest rates of skin cancer in the world with more than 3600 people diagnosed with melanoma each year.

The main cause of all types of skin cancer is overexposure to UV radiation from the sun, so it is important Queenslanders protect their skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays by following sun safe practices.

Sun protection is required when the UV levels reach 3 and above. In Queensland, sun protection is required all year, even in winter, due to consistently high UV levels.

What is the National SunSmart Program?

The National SunSmart Program recognises Queensland schools, OSHC and ECC who are leaders in reducing the risk of skin cancer.

When schools, OSHC or ECC join the program, they will receive a SunSmart sign and curriculum resources to help support the continual education of sun safe behaviours.

If my organisation signed up years ago, are we still a current member?

It’s important to renew your membership every three years, so your membership doesn’t lapse.

Cancer Council Queensland have a newly developed search function so organisations can easily check if they are still current members.

What does my organisation receive when they sign up to the National SunSmart Program?

When new schools, OSHC or ECC register for the National SunSmart Program they will receive:

  • ‘We are SunSmart’ metal member sign to proudly display
  • Member certificate
  • OSHC and ECC will receive a copy of the children’s book ‘A Simply Spectacular Hat’ and primary schools will receive an educational resource

All Queensland SunSmart members have the chance to be rewarded with some amazing prizes for their commitment to sun protection.

Prizes include:

  • Major prize = $10,000 + GST for permanent shade for their organisation
  • 2x Secondary prize winners = 1x portable shade structure, 12x 1L Cancer Council sunscreen pump packs, 3x sunscreen wall brackets, 100x bucket hats

Click here to find out more about the National SunSmart Program.