Love is in the air this Valentine’s Day at Cancer Council Queensland

Love is well and truly in their air this Valentine’s Day at Cancer Council Queensland.

Our amazing volunteers Ashley and Rosemaree Kilroy are experts when it comes to spreading love and joy each time they volunteer as part of our Transport to Treatment service.

Rosemaree’s romance with Cancer Council Queensland started 18-years ago and her husband Ash followed suit in 2013. Today, both are dedicated transport volunteers who make our community feel the love each and every day while ensuring they get to and from treatment safely.

After 44-years of marriage you could say Ash and Rosemaree are Valentine’s Day pros. So, we sat down with Rosemaree ahead of Valentine’s Day to learn a bit about their love story:

How long have you and Ash been married and where did you meet?  
Ash and I were married on the 14th of May 1977, thus will have been married for 44-years this May. We met in Melbourne, when Ashley moved into a share house where a dear girlfriend of mine lived with a few other girls.

What is the key to marriage success?  
I would say, having hobbies or activities that you do together. We are both keen skiers and cyclist and love to go on adventures together.

How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?  
We usually celebrate Valentines in a low key way. This year we will be celebrating down the coast so, I would say probably a longish bike ride followed by a lovely lunch.

Why did you start volunteering for Cancer Council Queensland? 
Both Ash and I love volunteering as it is a way that we can assist people at a time when they have so much going on in their lives. The last thing they need to be worried about is getting to their appointment/treatment or getting into town from the airport – so we handle it for them.

What made you fall in love with volunteering for Cancer Council Queensland? 
Both of our families have been touched by cancer and we had seen what a difference a helping hand can be to people in a vulnerable time of their lives.

Volunteers like Ash and Rosemaree are the backbone of our crucial transport service. As you can imagine, travelling to treatment can be challenging, especially when travelling away from home or for treatments which last for many weeks or months. Finding affordable and accessible transport is important whether you need to travel away from home or are having treatment in your local area. Cancer Council Queensland offers a range of transport services, at no cost, to support those who have limited options.

What transport services do we offer?  

  • Transport to Treatment
  • Travel Transfers
  • Lodge Transport
  • Home to Treatment

All enquiries about our Transport to Treatment services are welcome. Please call Cancer Council 13 11 20, 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays)