Hayley Does It For Cancer and smashes fundraising goal

After losing her beloved dad to cancer over five years ago, Hayley Ruaporo wanted to do something momentous to keep his memory alive and raise much needed funds to help others affected by cancer.

In order to make a big fundraising impact Hayley decided she would shave off her hair as part of Cancer Council Queensland’s Do It For Cancer. She set up an online fundraising page and in honour of her dad, Phill, it was called: Phill The World With Hope. Hayley aimed to raise $5000 over eight months.

Incredibly, her message was shared far and wide. Not only did she reach her fundraising goal, but she smashed it out of the water raising $21,590! Hayley will be forever grateful to her amazing supporters and donors which came in from all corners of world, including a generous $10,000 donation from Thiess – Phill had worked for them for 20 years.

After eight months of successful fundraising, Hayley completed her Shave in December surrounded by her supportive family and friends.

‘We started this fundraiser as a celebration of dad’s incredible life and living for five years without him. He was beyond amazing, and we wanted to share with the world just how unique and special he was by sharing his stories.  Also, we really wanted raise money and awareness for all those affected and connected to cancer.’

Hayley and her Dad

‘On Sunday 12 December 10:45 am, we all banded together as a family in a sea-side apartment to celebrate my eight-month long fundraising journey and the amazing result reached. Dad loved the ocean so much, so it was unquestionably the place to carry out the shave!’

‘With deep emotion I grabbed the scissors and took the first chunk of hair.  Flowing on with smiles, tears and cheers, 14 members of our beautiful family each cut a piece of my hair until there was none left to snip. Even my three-year-old had a crack at the cut. It was my husband Jade’s honourable job to then smooth out the left-over strands and give me the best and very first ever number-two all over!’

‘It was the most liberating, surreal and incredibly moving feeling to have all my family so involved in the process. An eight-month long investment of so many blended emotions it’s an experience I will forever hold deep in my heart and soul. I know for absolute certain that dad would be winking at me with incredible pride. All for you Dad. Always. I’ve never actually admitted it, but I’m damn proud of me too!’

‘It has never been about me losing the wavey mane. I don’t need or care for the hair. It was all about helping those that who need the support, guidance, and protection in the most challenging and soul crushing time of their life. Cholangiocarcinoma did that to our Family. It fiercely took away the absolute heartbeat of our family. A feeling no one should ever have to experience alone.’

Do It For Cancer enables people to create their own fundraiser to help bring us closer to a cancer free future. You can race, work, sell, shave, quit, gift – do anything – to support Queenslanders affected by cancer.

Find out more or register now at Doitforcancer.com.au

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