Empowering cancer patients and carers through our lodges

Thank you for giving Queenslanders with cancer a home away from home in 2023.

Our lodges don’t just offer physical accommodation. They help cancer patients and carers navigate the health system, connect with the practical and emotional services they need, and share their experiences with people who truly understand.

“The relief and amazement our clients share when they first tour through their unit, you can see it in their faces. It’s so rewarding to witness their fear and anxiety dissipate as they settle in.” – Robyn, cancer support advisor, Gluyas Rotary Lodge.

Last year, our five lodges across the state provided over 25,800 nights of accommodation to Queenslanders who had to travel to get their cancer treatment: 

Cairns: Marylyn Mayo Lodge  

3,734 nights provided.

Townsville: Gluyas Rotary Lodge  

5,712 nights provided.

Rockhampton: Central Queensland Cancer Support Centre 

1,703 nights provided.

Brisbane: Charles Wanstall Lodge 

10,159 nights provided.

Toowoomba: Olive McMahon Lodge 

4,499 nights provided.


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Need to travel for your treatment? Call 13 11 20 to discuss your options.