Donor profile: Peter Haeusler

When Toowoomba grain farmer, Peter Haeusler, was diagnosed with a Merkel cell carcinoma on his eyelid, he caught a Greyhound bus to Brisbane to have the tumor removed. But, within weeks it grew back to almost 8mm in diameter, and Peter found himself back in Brisbane undergoing radiation treatment for several weeks.

Throughout this challenging period, Peter found respite at our Charles Wanstall lodge. 

After several weeks, the lump on his eyelid disappeared and Peter was able to return home to Toowoomba.  

Deeply appreciative of the care provided by Cancer Council Queensland, he resolved to give back to regional Queenslanders going through cancer.  

Last October, Peter generously donated $15,000 to purchase 12 recliner chairs for Toowoomba’s Olive McMahon to enhance the comfort of others going through treatment. 

“You feel deflated after treatment, I was fit enough, and I still wanted to have a real rest after radiation. It was important to me that the chairs I bought for the lodge would be suitable for everyone, not just the fit and able people. You need a really relaxing chair you can sink back in.”