Celebrate World Cancer Day

This Thursday 4 February is World Cancer Day and in true Cancer Council Queensland style, we’re making a splash to celebrate. Brisbane’s King George Square will be in full bloom as we inflate the world’s largest daffodil, surrounded by fresh daffodils galore. Not only will we be celebrating World Cancer Day but also marking the start of our 60th anniversary.

Local volunteers are set to spread hope on the morning and daffodils along with Cancer Council Queensland daffodil pins will be available. The activation is set to capture the attention of commuters and put the focus on how we can act now to move closer to a cancer free future.

So, what is World Cancer Day?

In its 21st year, World Cancer Day is a global initiative that invites people from across the world to come together to move one step closer to a cancer free future. The day aims to prevent cancer deaths by raising awareness and education, encouraging joint community and government action.


What is this year’s World Cancer Day theme?

The theme for World Cancer Day is ‘I am and I will’, where members of the public are encouraged to pledge their commitment to act now, in whatever way possible to help reduce the impact of cancer. I am and I will, calls for the community to share who they are what they will do to move closer to a cancer free future – reminding us how important it is to band together and take action now.


Who is behind World Cancer Day?

World Cancer Day is an initiative of the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC), the largest and oldest international cancer organisation. UICC are dedicated to taking the lead in advocacy initiatives that unite the cancer community to reduce the global cancer burden, promote greater equity, and integrate cancer control into the world health and development agenda.


How can you get involved in World Cancer Day?

  1. Join Cancer Council Queensland at King George Square – buy yourself some fresh daffodils and a daffodil pin to match
  2. Take the World Cancer Day quiz to reveal what type of health leader you would be
  3. Take the Cancer Council Cancer Risk Calculator to find out how to reduce your cancer risk
  4. Share your ‘I am and I will’ pledge across your social media channels #IAmAndIWill
  5. Take the World Cancer Day 21 Day Challenge: It takes the proverbial 21 days to create a positive habit. So, for 2021, whether you’re committing to improving your personal health, supporting someone you love with cancer, educating yourself about cancer, speaking out against cancer or making history by helping to eliminate cervical cancer, sign up to one of the five challenges to receive daily inspiration and practical guidance.


This World Cancer Day (and every day), Cancer Council Queensland is pledging our continued commitment to reducing the burden of cancer. To show your support for World Cancer Day, head to King George Square on Thursday 4, share your ‘I am and I will’ on social media or donate at cancerqld.org.au.

Join us for World Cancer Day at King George Square

Date: Thursday 4 February
Time: 7am – 10.30am
Location: Brisbane’s King George Square
What: World Cancer Day Event – fresh daffodils and daffodil pins will be available for purchase